The woman suspected in the shooting death of 33-year old Anthony Cain Macias at a southside apartment Wednesday night went before District Court Judge Nanette Hasette Thursday evening.

Courtney Hayden, 24, was officially charged in Macias' murder. She was arrested late Wednesday night following the shooting at a town home complex near Holly and Airline. That shooting took place just after 10 p.m.

Investigators' probable cause statement said that, when officers arrived to Hayden's town home, she was yelling "over here, over here." Police asked her what happened, and in the statement it says that she told officers "they tried to jack me, so I shot him with a shotgun."

She said three other guys took off after the shooting.

Hayden then supposedly told police that there was a handgun in a pile of clothes, and the shotgun was near the bedroom where Macias was shot in the chest and killed.

Officers walked through the town home and said they spotted marijuana, bongs, cocaine and crack-cocaine in a number of rooms.

Police eventually learned that Hayden was wanted on an aggravated robbery charge. Hayden was taken into custody on that crime, which allegedly happened back in April 23 at a Red Roof Inn. Hayden is believed to have taken part in a ruse to get a man to bring $10,000 in cash to a hotel room there, and then a male friend showed up with a gun and demanded the money. The two were said to have scooped up all the cash and took off with the victim's car.

However, on Thursday, it was the murder charge that took center stage -- a charge that Hayden said she would be hiring her own attorney to defend her against.

Hayden's bond was set at $500,000.