WOODSBORO, Texas — The scars of Hurricane Harvey still remain throughout many towns in Texas.

Woodsboro included. 

The district suffered severe damage but managed to reopen some classrooms just 11 days after the hurricane. 

Woodsboro ISD is on the smaller side with over 400 students, but their drive to fully recover is huge. 

"90 of them were classified as homeless by the state because of home damage, our students have been quite resilient," Janice Sykora, WISD Superintendent, said. 

Right after Hurricane Harvey, Sykora said the district began the lengthy process of evaluating the damage and determining what needed to be repaired immediately. While they have made some improvements in the past months, they've hit some bumps in the road to recovery.

"Tornadoes, snow, hail and in the summer we had a drought, it's kind of a setback," she said. 

Yet, the district has managed to pull through. 

Sykora said they have rebuilt fences, replaced windows, removed debris and started demolitions.

"It's very exciting."

She said the best improvements are yet to come. In the near future, they'll begin work on the auditorium, band hall and one of the gyms. Sykora showed a lengthy list of other improvements but those will be reassessed at a later time, according to the plan.

"They've been working with us diligently to repair our facilities and get bids, we had bigs on our roofs and we hope to repair them this summer."

The Superintendent said although they have a long way to go, they'll continue to thrive, no matter the weather.