A frantic call from a mother leads area police and sheriffs deputies on a search for an underage girl who was being held against her will.
After searching several hotels, police were able to track the teen's phone to the Best Western in Portland.
The call first came in to the Corpus Christi Police Department at around 11 a.m. Saturday morning.
Police officers searched several Best Westerns in the area.
After hitting a dead end at local Corpus Christi hotels, they were able to track the teens cell phone to a Best Western off 181 in Portland.
Inside the hotel, police found one man and two women, along with at least two juveniles who were said to be runaways from Houston.
Police later found out that the group had traveled from Houston and posted on at least one internet site promoting sexually related services in the Corpus Christi area.
Tonight those 3 adults are behind bars and being charged with promoting prostitution.
Arrangements are being made to return the juveniles to their families in Houston.
The case is still under investigation.