Every great writer came from somewhere, so why can't the next one be from Corpus Christi?

David Jackson is a 25-years old who has been hard at work on a sci-fi novel for the past six years. The book is finished and in the hands of an editor. He hopes the book can go before publishers in the spring.

During the day, you can find Jackson working in the computer department at Best Buy. While he is good at what he does, Jackson would like to eventually write for a living. He said he has had the writing bug since he was 13 years old.

"I would at least like for people be able to read it and enjoy it," Jackson said. "I don't have dreams that it would be made into a movie. If so, that would be great, but really I would just like to see it on the shelves of Barnes and Noble. That's my life's goal."

The book is called Sacrifices on Vae' Somm. While you are waiting on Jackson's book to get published, he does have a Web site you can check out. It is at davidwaynejackson.com.