South Texas was introduced to him a few months ago on the 'Domingo Live' show. We were very impressed with the talents of Sebastien De La Cruz. At just 11-years old, he belted out some pretty impressive mariachi songs.

But not everyone appreciated his talent as he got some racially charged social media comments after singing for the Spurs on Tuesday.

3 News reporter Michael Gibson found out Sabastien could end up with an encore at Thursdays playoff game.

It's the national anthem everyone is talking about. After a slew of racist social media comments were posted right after a performance at the Spurs game on Tuesday. Most of the attacks tried to paint the boy as an illegal immigrant.

The young man singing this song is 11-year old Sebastien De La Cruz. He's a mariachi singer who was born and raised in San Antonio. His dad was also born in San Antonio and is a retired Navy Veteran who is now spending a lot of time helping Sebastien to perform for audiences all across the state. Sebastien even appeared on the TV show 'America's Got Talent.'

Sebastien has also been on the 'Domingo Live' show a number of times and has always put on an impressive show.

Edmundo Leal, Mariachi Mexicanisimo, says,"We met him here performing at ya'lls Domingo live here at channel 3.

Edmundo Leal plays with a local band called Mariachi Mexicanisimo. He says it's unfortunate that Sebastien has been dragged into the country's illegal immigrant debate. But he believes times are changing and De La Cruz will survive this and brush it off for what it is.

"Once or twice we heard a comment when we walk into a restaurant it's petty it doesn't hurt me one bit I feel sorry for a racist person than for the one being criticized," says Edmundo.

Leal's mariachi band has played the national anthem at a Hooks game before.

"It's everyone's in the united states national anthem it's yours mine it's everyone's I get goose bumps it's an honor to perform the song," says Edmundo.

3 News spoke with Sebastien's father, Juan by phone from San Antonio. He says the Spurs called for his son to sing the national anthem again tonight. But the NBA had to approve the request.