A 10-year old girl took the stand at the Nueces County Courthouse on Tuesday. She said she is a victim of sexual assault at the hands of a family member.

The little girl said that the sexual abuse happened over and over again when she was between the ages of six and seven years old.

The defendant is 25-year old John Raul Valenzuela, and his alleged victim is a young family member. She was the prosecution's star witness Tuesday.

"It hurt, and I don't believe I should be hurt like that," she said.

The 10-year old victim said Valenzuela raped her and sodomized her on many occasions when she was six and seven years old. She made the outcry of abuse two years later.

She said Valenzuela lived with her family and would often babysit her, and when he finally moved away from her home, she felt safe to tell her mother about the abuse. On Tuesday, the victim said she feels relieved to tell her story.

"I'm glad that I have let this out," she said.

The nurse that examined the 10-year old girl said she had no visible scars on her body or private parts, but the nurse also said she didn't expect to find any evidence of assault, because private parts heal quickly.

During cross examination, the defense tried to drive home the point that the victim would have to have some trauma or tearing in the vaginal area.

An unexpected turn of events took place at the end of Tuesday's court proceedings. The defendant took the stand, saying that he was molested when he was younger, by a close family member.

Both sides have rested, and final arguments will begin Wednesday at 9 a.m.