If you were driving in Corpus Christi this morning, near the intersection of Rodd Field Road and Williams Drive, you may have seen quite the warning.

Thrown into the mix of messages like "expect delays," "lane closure ahead," and "no left turn" was the warning "Caution, Zombies Ahead." Someone, someone hacked into the message board, reprogrammed it and typed up the eye catching lines on the machine.

There are passwords and locks involved, but those did not prove to be obstacles for whoever left the warning message.

The message board is for traffic control on the City's Williams Drive construction project. The City said the zombie warning is no laughing matter, but some had varying opinions about the hoax.

"I think it's really funny, actually," Corpus Christi resident Tiffany Soli said. "I think it's hilarious."

"No, I don't think it's funny," resident Vinny Dogan said. "I think it's dangerous. Especially in light of the accident that we just had yesterday on 37, and with the rainy conditions, something like this could cause some people to get hurt, and I think it's very irresponsible on the part of whoever did it. And I think it's very childish and stupid."

"This is actually kind of embarrassing," City Traffic Engineer Charlie Cardenas said. "I'm just grateful that the hackers did not place anything vulgar or anything that would get anybody hurt."

Cardenas said one possible silver lining to the prank is that maybe it got the attention of drivers who may not otherwise pay attention to the message board. Moving forward, he said there are some precautions that can be taken, such as changing the password to the machine and putting on additional padlocks.

Whoever did this could be facing charges of vandalism to property and endangering the public. A suspect has not yet been caught or even identified.