ALICE, Texas — A Powerlifter from Alice High School is pressing onto his next meet. Winning his last three. 

3News talked with him about how he's racking up so many awards ahead of regionals.

Jacob Loera is a Senior Powerlifter and just this year, he swept the region by winning first in bench, squat and dead-lift. He also just won his second 'Outstanding Lifter' award.

Head Coach, Joey Heron, said it's athletes like Jacob that make his job feel like he's not working.

"His work ethic is second to none. He's real consistent, shows up every day. Put's the correct amount of energy into the bar. The kids that take that part seriously are usually the ones that are more successful." Said Heron.

Heron said the discipline that Jacob brings into the weight room, is contagious.

"Anyone who's around is gonna kinda follow his lead. He's our highest rank male powerlifter."

Jacob has already surpassed all the goals that Heron set for him.

"I just want these kids to progress every week and be the strongest they can be at the end of the year."

With one competition left before the regional meet, Jacob has tunnel vision.

"Be the best that I can. If I'm going to do something, might as well be the best at it."

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