ALICE, Texas — The Alice Coyotes kicked off the 2019 high school football season with a 2-0 record. 

The winning record has forced the whole coaching staff into having mustaches in Alice. 

At the start of the season, the Coyotes coaching staff made a deal with the team. They wouldn't shave their upper lips until the team lost.

In week three of the football season, Coyotes have yet to lose which means their mustaches have taken on a persona.

"The community's definitely kinda hearing about it, understanding what it's about, so, everybody's like 'man keep those mustaches, keep those mustaches," said Brandon Faubion, the defensive line coach for special teams. 

There are strict rules for the growth of the mustache.

"We were told that there was no shaping whatsoever, so it goes as it may. however it grows that's how it's going to end up," head coach Kyle Atwood said. 

The light-hearted bet has made the coaching staff look like they're ready to star in an old western movie.

"A lot of times I'll forget about it when I walk into a store, and I'll see somebody give me a grin or a smile, and I forget that I have just a mustache on. I'd be laughing too if I saw myself," offensive line coach Tyler Marrou said, 

The flavor saver has turned into a badge of honor.

"We wanted everyone to know it was a joke initially. so we kinda got it out there, but now it's more we're trying to get this thing growing as long as we possibly can because that means the coyotes are still winning," Atwood said.

"It's pretty cool. It just means that we're winning and I don't want to see them lose the 'stache anytime soon, so we don't plan on losing," senior quarterback Isaiah Aguilar said. 

The wives at home may not be a fan of the mustache look.

"She's not too thrilled about it, you know, she doesn't like the mustache per se. It's for a good cause. A good reason, you know," Faubion said. 

The coaches, players, and fans all hope the mustaches are here to stay.

"I think that would be an epic picture. if we go undefeated, 16 games, you know, holding up a state championship trophy with beautiful huge mustaches I think that would be something for the record books," Faubion said. 

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