WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — The ability to play all over the diamond, it's something that's becoming more and more valued in Major League Baseball. The Astros are an organization that champions this idea. Marwin gonzalez played just about every position in Houston, Alex Bregman, a natural shortstop is now at 3rd, and a guy like Tony Kemp, Originally an infielder now calls the outfield home. This philosophy has trickled down to the minor league level. Nick Tanielu is knocking on the big league's door. Tanielu, naturally a 3rd basemen, has moved all around the infield while in the minors and saw a large portion of his time at 2nd base in big league camp. It's not just for those on the cusp of the major, Josh Rojas has played about every position in the minors except catcher. A talent he believes is his golden ticket to the show.