CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The Corpus Christi Hooks kicked off their 2019 Minor League Baseball season against the Amarillo Sod Poodles Thursday at Whataburger Field.

There are many improvements at the ballpark as well as some opening weekend treats for the whole family to enjoy the upcoming season.

Hooks General Manager Wes Weigel showed 3News around Whataburger Field to see the updates and improvements, starting with the expanded Cotton Club at the top of the stadium next to the press box.

"We completely renovated it, redesigned it, expanded it, made it a beach, high-end luxury feel, and we hope our fans love it just as much as we do," Weigel said.

The main concourse saw some of the most significant improvements for fans wanting to get through concession lines faster.

"Our fans feedback last year is they love our food, love our beer and alcohol, love our hospitality, but they want to come through the lines faster, and that's what this is here to do," Weigel said.

Fans will now be able to order and pay on a computer screen then go to a window to pick up the order.

The Hooks also added a souvenir store alongside the concessions.

"So welcome to the Tackle Box. This is the new retail store on the concourse due to high fan demand. We've got the Corpus Christi Raspas on display, which we'll do every Sunday game. Also, some of the best sellers in Minor League Baseball across the whole 160 teams are right here for our fans," Weigel said.

The newest additions to concessions in 2019 are Papa John's Pizza and Tenders Love Chicken.

Fans will notice improvements and changes to outfield seating as well.

"One of the unique experiences here at Whataburger Field is coming out watching the ball game from the left field in a rocking chair. You don't see that at too many ball fields," Weigel said.

Also, for the first time, the Hooks are setting up the world's largest bounce house for the opening weekend. A 130-square-foot bounce house will feature a DJ in the middle who will be shooting off confetti and t-shirts.

There are many other improvements fans will notice, and because Thursday is opening night, fans can expect to be treated to fireworks after the game, and on Friday as well.

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