CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — For the first time this football season we had a Carroll Tiger in for our Athlete of the Week!

Junior lineman Jaiden Salinas is our 3News Athlete of the Week! Salinas played on the both sides of the ball for Carroll this season, primarily as an offensively lineman, but he did start to see more time on the defensive side of the ball near the end of the season and capitalized on his opportunities. Salinas racked up three sacks on the year and forced a fumble.

Salinas is the first lineman we've had in for Athlete of the Week this season, so I had to get his take on being a guy in the trenches and get his thoughts on Carroll trying to turn things around.

Now that football season is over for the Tigers, Jaiden has a bit of time to relax, but come track and field season he'll be right back at it as a thrower. You can catch him chucking the shot-put and discus come spring.