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Veterans Memorial ready for rematch with rival Miller

The Eagles committed three key turnovers in a double OT loss to the Bucs during the regular season.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — It's shaping up to be one of the biggest games inside the Corpus Christi city limits in years when Miller and Veterans Memorial Friday, and from Vets' side it's also a potential payback game.

The Eagles had a big early lead against Miller when the two faced off in the regular season. Vets was on the verge of going up 30-0 when they fumbled and the Bucs took it back to the house for a 90 yard score. That was one of three key turnovers that all led to Miller points in the 50-43 double overtime win for the Bucs.

This time the Eagles say they're still confident in their ability if they can take care of the ball.

Kickoff from Buc Stadium Friday will be at 2 PM. We'll preview the Miller side of the showdown Tuesday night at 6 PM.