It was a great night for the Sinton Pirates at the 4th Annual John Paul Barta Homerun Derby Friday, with Jonathan Carillo winning the tournament and his former teammate Jordan Martinez finishing third.

Carillo finished with 15 overall and won a college scholarship with a total of four homers in the final round. Moody's Marcus Cantu finished second with three in the final round and 13 overall. Martinez dominated the first two rounds including a whopping seven homers in the first, but tired late finishing with two in the final round.

The event honors for Flour Bluff Hornet baseball and football player John Paul Barta, the Army corporal who was killed in action in Iraq in 2016.

Jonathan Carillo (Sinton) - 4

FINALISTS (totals after two rounds):
Jordan Martinez (Sinton) - 12
Jonathan Carillo (Sinton) - 11
Marcus Cantu (Moody) - 10

*Jordan Martinez (Sinton) - 7
*Jonathan Carillo (Sinton) - 5
*Marcus Cantu (Moody) - 5
*Alex Aitken (Ray) - 5
*Ryan Flores (Carroll) - 5
*Manuel Garcia IV (Alice) - 3
Marco De Los Santos (Robstown) - 2
Joseph Tristan (Banquete) - 2
Michael Solis (GP) - 1
Kyle Jackson (Flour Bluff) - 0
Cory Banda (Taft) - 0

*Moved on to semifinals