HOUSTON — The 'Stros are now back home in Houston preparing to take on the Nationals in Game 6 of the World Series.

The team and their families arrived home from Washington, D.C. at Minute Maid Park early Monday morning.

A few fans stayed up in the wee hours to give the team a well-deserved welcome home, waving and cheering as the boys loaded off of the bus.


They will get a day’s rest before Game 6 and an opportunity to close out this series here at home.

Sunday night's win in D.C. gives the Astros a 3-2 lead in the World Series, a position very few people thought they would be in after dropping the first two games at home.

The Astros beat the Nats, 7-1. completing a three-game sweep on the road.

Gerrit Cole held it down on the mound and a trio of two-run home runs made up the bulk of the Astros’ offense, with George Springer sealing the deal in the ninth with a run.

Astros fans in D.C. were joyous leaving Nationals Park.

We are all hoping they can secure that win Tuesday night during Game 6 here at “the Juice Box.”