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Rangers' Jose Trevino turning negative of 2020 MLB season delay into a positive

Texas Rangers Catcher Jose Trevino spoke with 3News' Travis Green about his time off from baseball due to the MLB season delay from Covid-19.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Coastal Bend native Jose Trevino and the Texas Rangers were supposed to play on opening day Thursday. Instead, with the coronavirus halting the Major League Baseball season he’s practicing social distancing like the rest of us.  

“It’s a bit crazy right now. Just trying to stay ready, stay healthy," Trevino said. "Hopefully everybody is trying to do the same."

With no certainty on when the season will begin, Trevino just like every big league player right now is having to stay as close to game day shape as possible because at this point nobody knows when first pitch of the season will be.

“Whenever they do say ‘hey, you know what, maybe it’s two weeks from now, we’re going to be in Arizona and start spring training up. You know, something.. Just be ready,” Trevino said. 

With team facilities shut down due to large group restrictions. He’s had to take an old school approach. 

“So when they shut it down I was like ‘you know, i’m just going to head south. There’s a garage where I can lift, I have a batting cage I can go to, and kinda work out there do my catching stuff," Trevino said.

While Trevino, the rest of MLB and baseball fans across the country are missing the game, he’s turning a negative into a positive.  

“You go outside here and dad’s are playing catch with their son. You know what I mean? Usually dad’s working, you know," Trevino said. "I just think somebody higher, somebody above needed everybody, literally everybody, that was going full force, full ahead.. I think everybody just needed a timeout and take a break and kinda be like ‘you know what, our home is where we’re safe, our family is where we’re safe. Spend this time with your family, spend this time with your kids. I think it’s almost like a blessing in disguise."

Trevino's hopeful the season will begin sooner rather than later. 

“I think baseball does everybody good in the world, I think everybody loves baseball, I think god loves baseball," Trevino said. "So, I don’t think he would want us to cancel. Hopefully this can pass and then we can go back to living our normal lives."

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