CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Last year's crop season was successful, but it was also a bit of a struggle for our local farmers. 

Local experts tell us last year started off very well in terms of soil moisture at the beginning of the growing and planting season. 

However, when the rains came, dry and windy conditions caused damage to seedling cotton and a lot of growers had to replant their cotton crop up to 3 times because of sand blowing. 

It was a considerable cost for producers, but they worked hard at getting a good amount of crops for the 2018-2019 year. 

"We had a very good and productive crop going up until that point and we were still able to harvest a very good crop. However, if we had additional rains in that June, early July timeframe, I feel like our crops would have been even better," stated a local expert.

Overall, experts say about $150-million was made in crops for Nueces County. 

This includes cotton, which made about $89 million, grain sorghum at about $110,000, and corn at about $34,000. 

According to experts, it was a good turnout when you compare it to previous cropping seasons. 

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