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2022 finishes drier, cooler than normal

Last year we were barely cooler than normal, but had an immense rainfall surplus. We also managed to snag a few top-10 records for rain and temperatures.
Credit: Kristin Walla
2022 Highest and Lowest Temperatures in Corpus Christi

This year had it all: hot, cold, rain, wind. Well, maybe everything except snow.

But 2022 wasn't without some excitement - we saw the most storm reports on May 24. There were 5 wind reports from the wake low that developed that night. 

According to the Corpus Christi NWS office, our windiest day was April 11 with a sustained wind of 53 mph and a wind gust of 67 mph. That's strong tropical-storm force!

Credit: Kristin Walla
2022 Weather-ests

Some other exciting weather: we had three verified tornado reports this year. Two were landspouts, one a brief weak tornado.

Credit: Kristin Walla
Coastal Bend 2022 Tornado Reports

At the end of 2021, we finished with an average temperature of 73.0°F. This year, our average temperature was a little cooler at 72.7°F. Our average annual temperature based on 1991-2020 climatology is 73.1°F.

Five months were below-normal and seven months were above-normal in their average monthly temperature. (This includes highs and lows, not just one or the other.)

February was the most below-normal and the coldest month on average for 2022. April was the most above-normal, but August took the cake for the warmest month on average with an average temperature of nearly 86°F.

Credit: Kristin Walla
2022 Temperature Departure By Month

At the end of 2021, Corpus Christi had received 46.81" of rain. This year, we had over 20" less and received only 25.83". Our average annual total rainfall is 31.74".

As a result of months-long below-normal rainfall, drought conditions worsened over the summer to 'Extreme Drought' (4 out of 5). At the start of August, we were 9.53" below our year-to-date rainfall average.

Massive rains for consecutive days in mid-August boosted our rainfall, but it wasn't quite enough to get us to the average. We trailed behind for the rest of the year.

Credit: Kristin Walla
2022 Rainfall Departure By Month

August was by far the wettest month this year. Between August 13-15, over 6" of rain fell in Corpus Christi. Twenty days in August saw rainfall (including five days of trace/immeasurable rainfall). At the end of the month, we'd collected 11.21" of rain.

The next highest monthly rainfall was 4.83" in November. Nearly 3" of that came from the first day of the month. November 1 was the rainiest day of the year.

Credit: Kristin Walla
2022 Rainfall By Month

We did make it into the Top 10 for a few temperature- and rainfall-related records. Notably, April was the 3rd warmest, May was the 2nd warmest, and August was the 3rd wettest on record.

Credit: Kristin Walla
Top-10 Temperature and Rainfall Records

Speaking of warm temperatures - it was just plain hot some days. We only hit 100°F one time (thankfully). That broke a 1,058-day streak of no 100°F temperatures. Before July 10, our last 100°F day was August 16, 2019.

Our coldest afternoon high and overnight low both came very recently on December 23 with the major Arctic blast. Temperatures rose above freezing for just two hours, so the high only got to 34°F.

Credit: Kristin Walla
2022 Highest and Lowest Temperatures in Corpus Christi

In Corpus Christi - and South Texas in general - it's a known fact that it's hot. Putting numbers to it really emphasizes that. Out of 365 days, this year we reached:
• 32°F or below - 14 days
• 90°F or above - 155 days
• 95°F or above- 60 days
• 100°F or above - 1 day

That means about 42% of the year (approximately 5 months), our high temperature was above 90°F, and two months - or roughly 16% of the year - our temperatures got to 95°F.

Credit: Kristin Walla
Number of Days Above/Below in Corpus Christi for 2022

Time to see what 2023 brings! Hopefully, it's a cooler summer...

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