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Heat continues, Wednesday

A little break in the relentless heat arrives on Friday, by way of a few more clouds and isolated showers. Saharan Dust also returns, Friday.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — WEDNESDAY: After a low-level cumulus cloud field disperses, it'll be mainly sunny with continued heat, Wednesday.  Highs in the middle 90s with a heat index around 110.  Southeast winds at 13-23 mph.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: Overnight lows in the middle to upper 70s.  SE breeze at 6-12 mph.

LOOKING AHEAD: A slight increase in cloud coverage on Thursday as moisture levels increase a touch.  The high pressure dome that's been influencing us the last several weeks will finally shift a bit farther north.  At the same time, a weak upper atmosphere disturbance will pin-wheel around the high and move in from the east on Friday.  That, for the first time this month, will bring in the first chance for a little bit of rain.  Although the chance is only for isolated showers - it's still a chance!  With more clouds and a few showers floating around, highs will be in the mid to low 90s, Friday.  The weak disturbance moves west on Saturday and aside from a stray morning shower, rain chances trend down.

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TROPICS: A large plume of Saharan Dust is sitting in the Caribbean/Atlantic this morning.  Some of that dust will make its way into Texas on Friday/Saturday.  The dust is helping to keep hurricane season quiet for now.  Looking at long range guidance, it is plausible that we don't see any action for the remainder of July.

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