WEDNESDAY: The dome of high pressure will not break down but through today, it will begin its way back west. This will bring the edge off the heat somewhat over the next couple of days. Until then, a heat advisory will most likely go into effect today with the most dangerous time between 3 PM-7 PM. Heat indices will range from 108-115 around the area. Winds will be pushing out from the southeast 10-20 mph. 

LOOKING AHEAD: With high pressure moving west into the weekend, a small opening will allow a few pieces of energy to track down central Texas. The better chance at seeing a shower will be along I-10. Rain chances will be low. However, it could ignite showers north of the viewing area Thursday. 

TROPICS: The tropics continue to be quiet and from the looks of things, will continue to be that way until late August. There is still a good amount of dust in the Atlantic which will keep activity quiet. Long range models are hinting at a Tropical system moving into the gulf and pushing towards the Texas-Louisiana border.