CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — TODAY: Temperatures will begin in the upper 70s this morning before warming into the mid to upper 90s.  Heat index between 105 and 110.  Winds from the north to north east today at 6-12 mph.  Like we saw yesterday, the lack of a healthy sea-breeze around here makes it HOT (101° yesterday).  Expect similar feeling air today.  There will be a shot at some isolated showers or storms with otherwise sunny to partly cloudy skies.

TONIGHT: Overnight lows in the mid to upper 70s with a northwesterly breeze less than 10 mph.  Mainly clear skies.

LOOKING AHEAD: This weekend will be hot with highs in the upper 90s to around 100.  There's a tiny shot at a stray shower working through the area, but chances look pretty slim.  With Barry working in to Louisiana, the main effects for the Coastal Bend will be confined to the coast.  Longer period wave swells and slightly larger waves will lead to minor coastal flooding and an elevated rip current risk.  Mainly sunny and hot weather continues into next week.

TROPICS: Aside from Barry, another tropical wave, Invest 93L, is out in the Atlantic Ocean and has a 20% chance to develop.  It's working into a somewhat harsh environment and doesn't pose a threat to anyone at this time.