JEFFERSON COUNTY, Texas — “Hey, guys, I know everybody’s been waiting on an update. From all over the country, everybody wants to know how Gator Country is, what’s going on with the alligator situation. 

Gary Saurage gave an update while surrounded by floodwater in a video his wife Shannon posted on Facebook Saturday, Sept. 21. 

“I’m in four feet of water,” he said, pointing to his main house and Gator Country’s facilities. “I can’t give you a report yet, guys, I’m still underwater." 

One of Gator Country’s boats is floating upside down in the video. 

“It’s a total loss inside the big house,” he said. 

Then he walks over and opens the door to his daughter’s house, where furniture is visibly floating in water. 

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“Please, what I’m asking you is, give me another couple days before I give you an alligator report,” he said. “Right now, folks, I can’t give you an alligator report. We don’t know. The water just won’t leave."

He called the recovery process a battle. 

“This is the hardest battle I’ve ever fought in my life,” he said. “Stay strong, Southeast Texas.”