INGLESIDE, Texas -- People are asked not to return to Ingleside at least until city services are restored.

An emotional Mayor pro tem Oscar Adame warned it is "very, very dangerous" to travel the city's streets with numerous power lines and debris on the road.

A key message: there are no reported deaths nor injuries in Ingleside, Adame added.

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There are no city services available as of 10 a.m. Sunday, Aug. 27, including water, sewer nor electrical. Public works is starting to bring sewer back online, but it will take some time, Adame said.

"If I had the means to stay out, I would stay out, ... at least until we have sewage and water services," Adame said.

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As darkness falls, the danger will become even greater with animals -- including snakes -- coming out in search of food. Residents who did not leave and can stay inside should continue to do so in the meantime.

"Everybody is holding up ... it's going to be hard," Adame said.