PORT ARANSAS, Texas -- No one should consider returning or visiting Port Aransas until further notice given the amount of destruction in the area, the mayor said.The city's police chief told Mayor Charles Bujan the Pioneer Trailer Park, located at 120 Gulfwind Drive, is a "100-percent loss" and a search and rescue operation is underway this Saturday morning. Crews only are beginning to realize the extent of damage as they are just entering city limits.

There is an extensive amount of debris and utility poles down across roadways entering the city.

"We are in the process now of pushing down 361 ... We had to send heavy maintenance equipment in before the police to clear the highway," Bujan said.

While speaking with 3 News during a live interview, Bujan provided a number of fatalities. That information has not yet been verified, and 3 News cannot yet pass it along as fact.

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Requests for information from Nueces County officials have been passed along in the meantime.