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What you can do now to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season

Here's a helpful guide with what you can do to get your family ready for whatever may come our way.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The start of hurricane season is less than two weeks away and we're expected to have yet another active season in the Gulf of Mexico.

So here's a helpful guide with what you can do to get your family ready for whatever may come our way.

"We're number one for hail, for storm surge, for tornadoes, and with that, we always have to be prepared," Camille Garcia, the Director of Communication with the Insurance Council of Texas said. 

While it may feel early to begin planning for hurricane season, experts say now is the time to get out the checklist, starting with the outside of your home.

"Look at your house, look at what's outside, maybe bring some of those items inside that might damage your home after a storm or during a storm," Brittany Eck the Communication Director with Texas General Land Office said. 

This includes cutting tree limbs and bushes and bringing loose items inside. Also, make sure there's no debris that can fly. Another key factor in protecting your home is insurance.

"Many coastal residents need up to three policies in order to really be financially protected and protect their home," Garcia said. 

The three policies you should check to see if you have:

  • Standard home policy
  • Windstorm policy
  • Flood policy

"Take pictures of your home outside, take pictures of your home inside, open doors, open drawers, making sure that you can document that which is in your house, should you need that information to follow your claim," Garcia said. 

Garcia said most policies require a 30 day gap before becoming effective so be sure you check on that right away.

Lastly, it's important to make sure the inside of your home is ready, too.

"Getting with your family, talking it over, your supplies, everything that you might need to evacuate," Delgado said. 

"Get a flashlight scanner. Get a roadmap because if you have your cell phone, you can always use the roadmap. Different items that you would want, flashlights, you know battery operated radio."

Delgado added that you need to talk with your family, prepare an emergency kit, and make sure everyone knows your evacuation plan.

"You want to know your evacuation route," Eck said. "Have all those items ready to go and prepare and be able to leave and know where you're going. And the time to be thinking about those is not when the storm is a day or two away from hitting your home."

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