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TROPIC TOPICS: El Niño vs La Niña

Hurricane season is largely influenced by El Niño. In fact, depending on the phase, we may see more hurricanes form this summer.

We've all heard about El Niño but it's time to break it down. This ocean pattern fluctuates through the years and has a profound impact on climate across the globe. 

As we head into hurricane season, the phase of ENSO (El Niño Southern Oscillation) is directly tied into how many storms we can see through late November. The water temperatures in the Pacific can lead to more hurricanes in the Atlantic. A teleconnection that fascinates scientists to this day.

Meteorologist Ryan Shoptaugh explains the difference between El Niño and La Niña. In addition, how this change in ENSO affects climate and how it influences our hurricane season. 

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