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WEATHER BLOG: Winter Preparations

The coldest air of the season will be here soon. The potential for a long and widespread freeze will require preparation around your home.
Credit: KIII Staff

An arctic air mass will spill over the region Sunday night. Air temperatures will plummet into the 20s with wind chill values in the teens. Perhaps, even into the single digits. The coldest air we've seen in quite some time. 

A widespread freeze for over 12 hours will require prepping around the house.

Here are a few tips:

Seal any air leaks around your home especially outdoor exposed areas . Simply put, this will keep warm air inside as it circulates retaining more heat overnight. In addition, install insulated pipe sleeves on anything exposed. 

Credit: KIII Staff

These can be purchased at most home improvement stores. 

Open laundry, bathroom and kitchen doors. Warmer air will continue to circulate inside and surround indoor plumbing.

If you have a pier and beam foundation home, you'll need to prepare.

The area between the ground and floor can experience problems. Moreover, if you have a crawlspace, this can freeze. 

Protect the crawlspace and pipes by covering the vents. These vents help with air circulation. If covered, heat from the ground and house will be trapped in the crawlspace. Further, keeping the bottom of the house warmer and preventing the pipes from freezing. 

Credit: KIII Staff

Of course, dripping your faucets will keep water moving. More importantly, this relieves pressure between any ice and the faucet. This will help mitigate the pipe from bursting when they begin to thaw. Saving you on an extra bill. 

Credit: KIII Staff

The Three P's can't be ignored. 

Pipes, Plants and Pets.

Credit: KIII Staff

Preparation for your pets, covering sensitive vegetation and property maintenance are precautions you can take this weekend to prepare for the brutal cold that's to come. 

Stay warm and stay safe!

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