After ending a speaking occasion Thursday at First Baptist Church in Rockport with a prayer service led by the Second Lady, Vice President Mike Pence made his way to a neighborhood off Highway 1781 -- one of the hardest hit by Hurricane Harvey.

Homes in the Copano Heights area were flattened by Hurricane Harvey, and many residents there welcomed the visit from the Vice President.

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"He just told us that they were really thinking about us, and they have all sorts of programs in place to help us get through this," Copano Heights resident Bonnie Stewart said. "And we talked to some people from FEMA and talked about all the programs they have in place. We got a lot of information today that was really helpful."

"It was nice he stopped by to check us out," resident Horacio Rodriguez said. "It was nice he stopped by to check us out. It's pretty bad around here. At least, somebody cares."

"I was real excited and I'm glad they're here," resident Monica Decker said. "And our little town took a lot of devastation, so it kind of gives you a good feeling, that we feel like somebody cares."

While visiting the neighborhood, the Vice President and Governor Greg Abbott both donned work gloves and helped residents clear some debris.

Not 30 minutes after the Pence left the neighborhood, a formation of Osprey helicopters flew over the area as the Vice President and his entourage made their way to Victoria to continue to assess the damage.