CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Padre Island residents are reporting that thieves have been stealing items from the canal side of homes there, and kayaks seem to be a popular item.

The most recent theft happened over the weekend and was caught on surveillance camera from the victim's dock.

The video has helped Corpus Christi police identify two people of interest.

Kiii News Reporter Michelle Pedraza went Live from Padre Island with the latest.

Chris Killian woke up to a phone notification saying the outside camera detected movement on the deck where the two suspects pulled up in a canoe.

According to the Corpus Christi Police Department, this has been an ongoing trend over the past few weeks.

In the video, you can see a man and woman in a canoe approach the deck and make off with a fishing pole. They then proceed down the canal.

Killian immediately posted the video on social media and it got a response from other Island residents saying that Killian is not alone. In some cases, suspects have taken off with thousands of dollars worth of kayaks and boat GPS devices.

Killian said he hopes more action is taken soon before the problem gets any worse.

"We're not very far from the water, just a couple steps up and you're at the back door," Killian said. "That'd be pretty awful if somebody decided to take it a step further and come up and see what you got inside of the house. Everybody keeps their doors unlocked because we feel so much safer because there's not a major road, but you have to think of this like it's a road. There's people back here that don't live here."

Killian said he will be locking up any property they leave outside, and added that there are light sensors on their back porch.

Corpus Christi police announced Friday that based on the videos they have received, they have been able to identify two persons of interest in the case.

If you are a victim, police said to call them and report it at 361-886-2600.