CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — To get a jump start on their New Year’s resolutions dozens of people gathered for a luncheon in Corpus Christi on Saturday to learn more about healthy living.

And when it comes to being healthy your diet plays a big part. For some cutting back carbs is a good start, so a local keto eatery is providing a quick course to teach people how to keto correctly.

“Everything we make is very low carb and sugar free,” Margie Castillo Phat Keto Co. owner.
Phat Keto is a place that caters to people on the keto diet.
Castillo said making low carb sweets and eats came from her own health journey.

“Last summer, I got a trainer and I didn't know how to eat healthy and he recommended for me to do the keto diet, so I did and this is how it all happened,” she said.

Her trainer, Santos Rosales said not only did the keto lifestyle improve her physical health but boosted her confidence and self-esteem.

“I just had to instill that into her and once she realized she could do so much more she just took off and started her own business so it's awesome,” Rosales.

Now, Castillo is taking what she learned and is teaching others at her luncheon where she brought in guest speaker and registered dietitian Kate Hilliard.
Hilliard said the keto diet works by increasing your healthy fat intake and lowering your carbs.

“Which puts your body in a state of ketosis, so you burn fat instead of burning carbohydrate, so for a lot of people they see a a lot of weight loss,” she said.

“Typical American westernized diet is processed food, it's fast food, and so that really eliminates that to where we are eating more whole foods which is what everyone should be eating,” Hilliard said.

If you're thinking about doing the keto diet and want more information, they will be hosting luncheons every Saturday at their location off of Doddridge and Alameda.