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Resolving outstanding warrants doesn't have to be scary or expensive, says Corpus Christi municipal court director

It's warrant roundup month, and according to a municipal court report, there are 30,600 people with active traffic violations warrants dating back to 2014.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Friday marks the first day of warrant resolution month. 

City of Corpus Christi Municipal Court Director Gilbert Hernandez said tens of thousands of residents can benefit from settling unpaid citations while avoiding legal repercussions. 

More than 53,000 people in Corpus Christi have active warrants for Class C misdemeanor violations. 

These include traffic, ordinance and state-law violations. 

Hernandez suggests people take the time out to resolve their warrants.

"We've sent 25,000 postcards," Hernandez said. "That's not everyone that has warrants, but it's an invitation. It's an invitation to people to who have warrants to come in and resolve their warrants."  

If residents cannot afford to pay the citations, they can see a judge and be placed on a payment plan. If residents cannot afford to pay any amount, they can still speak with a judge. The judge can then grant them permission to do community service to resolve these citations without fear of being arrested.

"There's not going to be someone waiting to arrest you," he said. "You come in, speak to a clerk, or to a judge and get those tickets resolved. That way you're not driving with fear, if you know at the back of your mind you have a warrant issue for your arrest. That everything is in progress for you." 

But there are still ways to resolve warrants without going before a judge.

You can make online payments to municipalonlinepayments.com/corpuschristitx or you can pay them over the phone at (866) 299-7084, you can also email the court at: mcmail@cctexas.com with any questions.

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