CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The City of Corpus Christi approved this week a design contract to look at different ways to improve the Water Garden downtown.

Council approved a contract for more than $360,000 to the design firm in charge of coming up with upgrade ideas for the Water Garden.

The Water Garden's controls and pumps have had mechanical problems in the past and were severely damaged during Hurricane Harvey two years ago. Instead of simple repairs, experts say the controls for the garden need to be redesigned so that they are not susceptible to future storms and flooding.

City Councilmember Paulette Guajardo said the Water Garden means to the city what the river means to San Antonio.

"It's an attraction here in the city and, it really is, and not only for tourists but you have people that used to get married down there," Guajardo said. "That's one of the most important days of your life, and that's how important and that's how beautiful and that's how high up our citizens hold this particular attraction."

During two recent workshops, councilmembers agreed that funds used to maintain the seawall could also be used to fix the Water Garden. There is no timetable yet on when the design firm will present ideas to council for their consideration.