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Texas' first wildlife documentary is headed to the big screens

The movie 'Deep in the Heart' is made by Texans for Texans.

KOUNTZE, Texas — A documentary about all of Texas’s diverse landscapes and remarkable wildlife is coming to theaters.

Southeast Texas has a local tie to this film as the Big Thicket's unique story was featured.

I watched the trial of this documentary, and I am ready to run to the nearest theater to see this film.

Deep in the Heart is made by Texans for Texans.

“I had this dream of doing Texas what people have done to Africa to Alaska is create this big landmark that shows off the just beauty and awe of the landscapes and animals of my home of Texas,” said Ben Masters.

He’s the director and writer of deep in the heart, a documentary that visually shows what makes Texas unique from the Lonestar state's landscape to its wildlife.

“I mean, I think that's one of the neatest things about the film is like, this is our home, and it's made for us,” Masters said.

A big part of the documentary was filmed in Southeast Texas in the Big Thicket National Preserve.

Master's highlighted the recovery story.

“The history of east texas 120 years ago, almost all of them was cut down. And, you know, as the trees fell, there are these groups of Texans that resolve to bring them back, and they, you know, advocated and lobbied,” Masters said.

It's not just the restoration stories that make this film unique, but it's the remarkable wildlife behavior only found in Texas.

“An hour from where I'm sitting right now is the largest Batcave in the entire world,” Masters said. “The largest congregation of mammals in the whole world is here in Texas. You know, we have the most important migratory corridor for birds, bats, and butterflies in North America.”

He said this is a story for all who love Texas.

“I hope your heart swells with pride and to go on this big emotional journey,” Masters said. “Just across Texas. That's what I'm hoping people get out of it.”

Deep in the heart is in theaters right now. 

Masters also said there are ways you can get involved with texas wildlife.

Ways to donate will be available at the end of the documentary during the credits.

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