CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Sam Kane Beef Processors LLC employees are still in limbo Monday after the company was sold at an auction to JDH Capital.

Employees at the company have been without pay for several weeks and aren't sure about their future with Kane Beef.

On Jan. 23 Kane Beef shutdown and Daniel Balderas and other employees were left without a job. Kane Beef paid Balderas and other employees for that last week of work and that was all.

Some Kane employees hope that the new company taking over will bring a positive change and work will resume for them.

Balderas was told that the new owners have to obtain permits, and find cattle before they can bring any workers back. He does not know how long the process will take.

"We got bills to pay and families to take care of, and we can't just wait for all of this..for them to finish all of the legal documents," Balderas said. 

Workforce Solution hosted workshops early February for the furloughed workers.

According to Balderas, he and many workers are trying to file for unemployment.

Balderas is looking for another job and is in the process of sending out applications.