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First time voters checklist courtesy of League of Women Voters of Corpus Christi

League of Women Voters of Corpus Christi is working to inform first-time voters of what to expect during the upcoming election.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Many of you out there may be looking for information on how and where to vote in this year’s election. There are a number of options available to you. 

To add to the list of options, the League of Women Voters has released a Guide To Voting for first time voters. 

The Nueces County election website has all of the important dates such as when early voting begins and ends, as well as election day details. You can also find information explaining how to register to vote and how to fill out a ballot by mail. 

In Refugio County, you can find the same kind of information but just laid out in a different format. In Jim Wells County, you can find some of that information on its county website, which then allows you to click on a link that sends you to its Facebook page where you can get more information from there.

“We have been doing this for 75+ years is supporting non-partisan support of getting out encouraging people to vote and giving them resources,” said Kathryn Oler of League of Women Voters of Corpus Christi.

The organization has an election information site. On the website, you can find the same information as you could on your own county election website. 

Some people might find this format a little easier to navigate. Now, when you scroll down the site, there’s something you can click on for first time voters to use as a checklist to be prepared to vote.

It goes through all the steps from registering to vote to find in your polling place to see what candidates are on the ballot. It also answers questions about whether you need an ID to vote along with information on what kind of voting machines are going to be used.

For the people that like the old fashion version of the voter guide, the League of Women Voters says it should have that out by next week.

”This is the printed guide this is from the March 3 primary and so we are putting the finishing touches on this voter's guide and what these have they have information about the candidates have a photo their name and what race the rain and then we ask a series of about four questions to the candidates,” said Oler.

Early voting begins on October 13 and the League of Women Voters says you’ll have plenty of time to look over its guide or website. Voters also have the county election websites at their fingertips, as well.

If you still have a question that you can’t find an answer to you can always call your election administration office.

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