Corpus Christi (KIII News) — As 3News continues to cover the impact of Hurricane Harvey we know many of the Coastal Bend's hardest-hit communities are still in recovery mode.

There's a side to the Harvey recovery that residents might have overlooked. Over the past year, Coastal Bend therapists are seeing an increase in both children and adults seeking help for Hurricane Harvey related trauma or PTSD.

For many, the photos of devastation are more than just images they are a reality that's still replaying over and over in their minds.

"Lots of flooding you know missing siding, Windows blown out," said Taylor Porter, Port Aransas resident.

A year later Porter is still trying to cope with what happened, and she's far from alone.

"For us, I feel like we are frozen. We are afraid to move on with our lives," Porter said.

"We are over serving, and I believe it's due to the trauma that this area has endured because of Hurricane Harvey," said Linda Ramos-Perez, director of children's mental health services for Coastal Plains Community Center

According to therapy experts, more and more children and adults are seeking help for PTSD related to Harvey.

"They heard the sirens and the chaos and having to rush and your home getting flooded so any event may precipitate that that suppressed feeling," Ramos-Perez said.

Experts said seeing the aftermath caused much trauma to many as well, even though some families are able to rebuild and move on.

"Many of our kids got displaced losing their belongings. what they felt safe with," Ramos-Perez said.

"There's always that fear that we may not be able to get out again and you know. We already know what happened the first time. Who's to say it won't happen again," Porter said.

Porter will never forget the social media posts from helpless residents who stayed behind.

"I still think about it you Know I think about those people, and you know I wonder if they made it you wonder about their stories or where they are now," Porter said.

However, Porter continues to find hope through the strength of her community.

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