CORPUS CHRISTI (Kiii News) — Anthea Aitken is a Hooks fanatic. The 85-year-old fan is at every home game, sitting in the front row right behind the visitors' dugout.

From her vantage point, Aitken doesn't miss a play. She even keeps track of every hit, run and error, while adding a little of her own commentary along the way.


Aitken has taken the unofficial status of the Corpus Christi Hooks' biggest fan, and one can't help but admire her enthusiasm.

For Aitken, there's nothing like a great game of Hooks baseball on a perfect spring evening in Corpus Christi.

"I'm coming up on 85 and I'm proud of being here," Aitken said. "I wait for them every spring and be sorrowful in the fall when it's over, but that's alright. Something to look forward to in the winter."

What you might not expect of the 85-year-old baseball fan, however, is that she's an adventurer.

"Life is an adventure. You've got to look at it that way," Aitken said. "I'd like to get back to traveling now that my boys are older, but I used to put a pack on my back and, ah, last trip I took was to New Zealand for five weeks."

By herself...

"Yes, yes," Aitken said. "Nobody to argue with when you go by yourself."

Aitken has been places. With a camera and a backpack, she's traveled all over England.

"And my Arctic is my favorite place," Aitken said. When asked what compelled her to travel to the Arctic -- "I don't know, I just, my daughter has duel citizenships in Canada and that's what started me going up to Canada, and then I just kept saying 'oh this is fun, let's go further north,' and I just kept going further north."

In fact, Aitken has traveled to the Arctic Circle three times.

"Oh, my polar bear pictures, those are the ones I'm proud of," Aitken said.

She said she would like to make it a fourth time.

"I really would like to make at least one more where I can put a pack on my back," Aitken said.

She has many passions in life. Aitken was a photographer for the Dallas police and fire departments, and continues to take pictures of her Hooks.

She also loves reading.

"This is my current reading supply here," Aitken said. "This is what I'm reading on now, and I have several going at the same time."

It's through her reading that she learns about where she wants to go next. It's her mantra to never stop learning, and never stop being curious about life.

"Well I keep threatening my children that I'm going to live to 100, so..." Aitken said laughing.

She may well do just that. After all, Aitken said she's got at least 10 good years ahead of her.

"I can't imagine looking at life any other way except a great adventure, and if you don't take advantage of it, you're the loser," Aitken said.

She doesn't believe in losing. Never has, and said she never will; which brings us back to her number one fan status. For Aitken, it's time for another Hooks game and another day filled with adventure.

"I've had a few speed bumps in my life and I survived them, and look at the good life I have now. So I just, if people keep a positive thought then things have to go better," Aitken said. "Oh! And the Hooks winning!"

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