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Community in Freer comes together as the winter storm impacts the area

At the Liberty Café, they were able to cook up free tacos for anyone in town who needed a bite to eat.

FREEPORT, Texas — The residents of Freer who turn their faucets on found only a trickle of water coming out as this town, along with many others in South Texas, are in dire straits.

"In visiting with the water district, we get our water from wells, so we have four or five wells that pump from the ground and they go to reserve and they have two or three days and reserve right that if electricity goes down, they have that in reserve and place the problem is, you know, the reserves have gone dry," Freer Independent School District Superintendent Conrad Cantu said.

Most people are without electric power and those who have it are sharing their good fortune. At the Liberty Café, they were able to cook up free tacos for anyone in town who needed a bite to eat.

Credit: 3News

Other folks around the area have opened up their homes to those without power.

"Just like everybody else in our town, we've lost power and water and it's super cold, but luckily I have a friend who has allowed me to stay here and have a warm meal and shower," Freer High School Senior Cheyenne Hasete said.  

"Thank God that the people who do have lights have cooked for other people who don't and we will continue to do whatever we have to do," resident Josie Fernandez said.

The Freer Community Center has been opened so people have another option in these freezing conditions. 

The superintendent tells 3News that he and other officials around town wish they could offer more help to residents. But he said they don't have anything to pull together to do more. 

They are at the mercy of their electric provider to get the power back on which will in turn also get their city water pumps running again. As far as the schools, they have shut those down until at least Monday.

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